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The Best LED Grow Light Review: 22 Companies, 158 Lights


Every LED grow light vendor says they have the best lights and that theirs are the ones that actually work, so how do you separate the good from the bad? The only real, fair way to compare lights is in simultaneous side-by-side tests actually growing plants, but until Consumer Reports adds coverage of LED grow lights, it's really hard to get an objective comparison. Several other web sites claim to compare LED grow lights, with lists of the “best LED grow light reviews of 2015”, but these have no explanation of how these “best” choices were made or even what lights were examined. This site provides multiple different categories of comparison information on over 150 different light models from 22 different companies to help you decide which is the best.



If you're not into all the details, you can go straight to my conclusions here. That'll let you see my top picks across all the categories discussed on the site.

Side note: In the past few years, LED grow lights have become one of my passions, so this site may include more details than you ever wanted to know. If they're not one of your passions, don't worry. Each category has a brief description of which companies are the best and why, followed by all the many details for everyone who's as into this stuff as I am or want to decide for themselves.

New technology is always coming out, along with a flood of new models and companies; I'll try my best to keep things updated, but it isn't unusual for me to hear about 4 new companies in a single week. Often by the time I complete or even start my research, the seller has disappeared or already changed features or terms–this makes it hard to keep up, and is the reason why it takes me a while to truly update the site.

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If you have a light or range of lights you'd like to see added to this site, contact me. I'll do my best to tackle the most-often requested additions first. And, if you have any suggestions about ways to compare LED grow lights, I'm always interested in hearing those as well. The comparison categories here are based on what I've learned so far about growing with LEDs and dealing with LED companies. If you catch an LED seller making an impossible or ridiculous claim, please point it out to me. Those are always fun to read!

Enjoy the site!