Long Overdue Update!

I've finally found the time to update this site from its humble beginnings; it was bothering me that so many sites claiming to compare or review LED grow lights were just being paid to place lights in their "best" list or were selling the lights for a cut of the profit. It wouldn't bother me if they were recommending or selling good lights, but most of the ones being pushed are very poor excuses for LED grow lights- the kind that give all LED lights a bad name. Having grown with LED lights for several years now, I know just how well they can work, if you get the right ones and wade through all the lies in marketing material.

It took a lot of research and work but there's a ton of data here to peruse, spread across 16 different categories to help you find the best LED grow light for your needs. The single table to compare all data in just doesn’t fit anymore; comparing over 130 lights with over 40 data points for each makes for a really big table!

I'm only adding ads to this site to pay for hosting; if they bring in enough I'd like to get a good spectraradiometer to be able to get light's true spectrums, because I'm pretty sure many of the spectral graphs on LED vendors' websites are just made up or wrong.

Some companies changed things between when I did all the research and when I finally managed to launch the site; I'll be updating those shortly. There are already a few other companies I'd like to add to the comparison as well.

Enjoy the site!

8 thoughts on “Long Overdue Update!”

  1. Thanks! So far your site is the only LED grow light review blog I can really trust. I see no affiliate disclaimers, banner ads, or anything of the sort. I’m curious– are you doing this strictly for the pursuit of consumer awareness or is there a bigger picture planning for this website? I’d love to hear about it!

    Otherwise, keep it up! Love the site and hope it builds traction and authority for LED grow light comparisons and reviews.

    1. Thank you! I am doing this to help educate people, because LED grow lights really can be the best grow lights you've ever used– but most LED grow lights don't measure up and give all of them a bad name. If I can help steer people toward LED grow lights that actually work, more and more people will switch to LED and not only get better results but also save a lot of electricity (CO2 emissions) and mercury from getting into the environment as well.

      I am working on getting ads up on the site, to help pay for the site's hosting, and so that I can get a spectraradiometer and even better be able to test LED grow lights. I know some of the companies are lying about what colors / wavelengths they're including in their light, but I can't prove it– yet.

    1. Where do I say Black Dog has a better warranty than Platinum?

      On the warranty comparison page, both are ranked as having "good" warranties. The only thing I point out there about Platinum LED is that the company isn't old enough yet to be sure they can honor the warranty, which has caused other companies to fail in the past. But I also explicitly point out that I can't predict the future about which companies will be around to honor their warranties (though I did predict the failure of 357 Magnum).

      If you're referring to the places I say they have no details about their warranty, their website didn't have any details when I did this research; they have since updated their website with vague but decent-enough details about their warranty. This detail will be fixed when I update this site– which I hope will be very soon, but it takes a long time to gather data on 22 companies' websites for over 150 light models!

  2. I’m still new at this but got great results from a Kind K3-L600 for 2 grows in a 4×4 closet tent (3-5 large plants) with excellent airflow. I’m into my third grow and thinking of using a second, smaller tent for veg/cloning and looking at options for LED, CFL, or T5. I’m surprised at the low rating you give Kind as I am vary satisfied – do you think there’s that much of a difference between that and a comparable BlackDog model that would blow me away with the results?

    Another comparison area I feel is import is quality of construction/materials and overall packaging – I’d give my Kind high marks in both..

    1. Hello!

      When flowering with LEDs, I've found it works much, much better to veg with at least roughly the same light spectrum; I get faster flowering and higher yields if I can use the same (balanced) light for veg and flower. I'd recommend an LED close to the spectrum of your Kind light (another Kind light [though possibly not their new veg light], a Platinum LED or Black Dog) for best veg-to-flower results.

      If Kind didn't lie about what their lights do, they wouldn't rank at the bottom of my list along with most of the other companies. Kind lights seem to give OK results, but yes, I do think you can get better lights out there. Since Kind and Black Dog both offer a 90-day return policy (Kind only if you buy directly from them), anyone can get one of each and try them out side-by-side. Since you already own a Kind LED long enough that you can’t return it, you can always try out a Black Dog relatively risk-free.

      I'd love to add a "quality" category to the comparison, but I haven't figured out how to do so fairly, as a lot of the "fit and finish" stuff is a bit subjective. In addition, I have not seen most of the lights I compare in person; I've only seen selected models from perhaps 14 of the 19 companies I compare. In my opinion, Kind ranks much higher than some like Mars Hydro, but still not the top of the heap. Their heat sinks look pitiful next to a Heliospectra or Black Dog light.

  3. I was very hopeful when I first landed on your site. However I am seeing all kinds of issues with your data. It looks to me like you built this site simply to plug Black dog! I actually use AdvancedLED and know your information is wrong on them and a few others. I have reached out to them and suggested that they contact you. I think they have a case against you as do others you are simply disparaging.

    1. Hello,

      You say you are "seeing all kinds of issues" with my data, but you don't specify what issues you are seeing. All of the data I present on this site is pulled directly from the sellers' websites (except for the hands-on reviews section, coming soon!), so if it is incorrect, either the seller themself has incorrect data on their website, or I mis-copied the data. If I have mis-copied anything, please let me know what and I will get it fixed- simply saying it is wrong is not helpful.

      I just re-checked the data I have from Advanced LED's website and I cannot find any mistakes.

      They are flat-out lying saying they offer a 90-day risk-free guarantee on "any of our 3w Extreme Flower LED Grow Lights" when the fine print on the terms and conditions page says "The following products are considered stock items: DS100, DS200, DS300, DS400, XML150, XML350, DS XTE 100, DS XTE 200, DS XTE 300, DS XTE 400. All other products sold at AdvancedLEDLights.com are considered non-stock items and are not offered as part of the 90 Day Risk Free Trial."

      They are either claiming they can break the laws of physics or they are lying when they say "The lights are just warm to the touch, and they don’t heat up the growing area at all, so no additional cooling is necessary." If you're using Advanced LED lights, you know they do warm up the growing area, just as physics says they will.

      The spectrum graph they give for their Diamond Series EX-Veg lights, taken with a UPRTek spectrometer not designed for bright light sources, is clearly "clipped" and does not match up with any spectrum graph the maker of their LEDs (Cree) provides– they are lying about the spectrum graph.

      By showing and linking to all of the data I am using to compare LED grow lights, I can show these things are true, rather than just saying "they are wrong". If you see any place my data is incorrect, please point it out specifically- don't just say my data is wrong as that is not helpful in any way. I can link to and stand behind my data, can you?

      The only reason Black Dog is currently at the top of the list is because they aren't lying about anything that I can find (unlike Advanced LED), they have a real 90-day return policy, more than a 2-year warranty, and have UV and IR. As I point out in the conclusions page, there are 5 companies (currently) out of the 22 I'm comparing that aren't lying about their lights- and I explain for each one why I find their short warranties, lack of return policy, lack of UV or IR light to make them second-rate choices. That can change if these companies change policies or what they put in their lights! I am not disparaging any companies, merely pulling all of the available data together and making a comparison. By presenting all of the data I use, you can fact-check it and come to your own conclusion.

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