Ads on this site

I've added Google ads to the comparison category pages on this site to help pay for the site's hosting, and if there's money left over after that, I want to buy a good-quality spectraradiometer to be able to get LED grow light's true spectrums. I'm almost certain many of the spectral graphs on LED vendors' websites are just made up or wrong and I'd like to be able to prove that.

Am I selling LED grow lights?
No. If you see an ad for an LED grow light, it's probably because this is a site about LED grow lights- or you've visited an LED grow light company's website and their remarketing campaign is following you here.
Am I in control of what ads are shown?
No- that's up to Google.
Am I making money off of LED grow lights you purchase after visiting this site, like so many of the other LED grow light comparison sites with Amazon links?
No. I only make money if you click on an ad; I don't make any more if you purchase an LED grow light or toaster or whatever the ad is for.

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